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   Can a Pool game change your life?
Why "Behind the Rock Tour" is the "Tour de France" of Billiards 
Crash at Tour de France
Dear Walter,

Behind the Rock Tour (BTRT) is not for the faint of heart.  It's you against the GHOST!  
Guaranteed, you will take some spills during this 11 frame test of your metal, stamina and abilities on a 9 foot Gold Crown gridiron.  Tour de France injury
You will no doubt sustain some painful injuries (at least to your pride)  sometime during this humbling billiard experience lasting an hour or more.
Tour de France Bloody mess
 You'll play against a merciless GHOST that's never missed and almost always wins.  You'll get one measly point for each ball you make just to keep you coming back for more grueling punishment.
Runover at Tour de France
 And while your'e down, competitors from around the country  may run you over, but you hope they beat the GHOST for you, so you can at least vicariously enjoy their successes against such a formidable opponent.
Ultimate Victory Celebration at Tour de France But if you never give in, keep on trying, face the GHOST without fear, and persist you will eventually  experience the exhilaration of Victory.  You will put together 11 frames of the best pool shooting you've ever done, .... discover it will all be worth it,  your friends will celebrate with you, ... life is good.


So don't miss any of the in-your-face anguish, action or excitement and come on out tonight, Wednesday, at 7 pm only at Hawley's Billiards to experience BTRT first hand.  You will never look at pool or life the same.
Click here for more details.


See you there


Walter Hawley
Hawley's Billiards
5623 Alpha Road, Dallas, TX 75240 
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