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Mezz Custom Pool Cues

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header Mezz EC7-W6 custom pool cue

Mezz EC7-W6 Exotic Wood Billiard Cue

Mezz Cues presents the new exotic wood series, EC7. These cues highlight the natural look of beautiful woods such as Purple Heart, Cocobolo, Bacote, Wenge, Curly Maple and others. The EC7 utilizes the Mezz super precise United Joint with the high performance WD700 shaft. There are 22 different models including the new EC7 with different inlay designs for you to choose from. With the high standard that Mezz represents, you definitely get the bang for the buck with the EC7 series
Mezz EC7-W6 Professional Billiard Cue

Our Price $830.00

Upgrade to a Alpha Hybrid shaft for an additional $55.00
regularly $75.00, save $20.00 

Upgrade to a Hybrid Pro II shaft for an additional $85.00
regularly $100.00, save $15.00 


Mezz EC7-W6 Exotic Wood Billiard Cue
Wenge Wood Forearm and Butt Sleeve with Juma, White Turquoise and Turquoise Inlays / Double Silver Rings at Joint / Mezz United Joint / Stitch Rings above and below Wrap / Black Irish Linen Wrap / WD700 Shaft / Moori Tip Medium

Mezz WD700 Shaft
This totally new Mezz design of hard maple shafts has low deflection performance that can enhance every player's game, but yet has a feel of a traditional one-piece maple shaft. The ISS Technology will increase accuracy and generate more power using spin on every shot.

Tip: Moori III Medium Tip
( Pro Tip for 5/16 x 14 joint)
Tip Diameter: 12.5 mm
Ferrule: X Ferrule
Taper: WD700
Joint: Various
Deflection: The WD700 shaft is in between the Hybrid Alpha and the Hybrid Pro II shafts.

ALL Mezz Shafts are one piece wood shafts.

Mezz WD700 Shaft with United Joint

Mezz  EC7-W6 United Joint
Mezz United joint system is the most precise joint system in the world and provides you with a solid feel for precision and performance. This Miki's original super precise joint system has a unique 5/16 - 14 pin and insert that fit the two cue parts with unparalleled quality control standards.
The perfect adherence between male and female parts enhances energy transfer and distributes that energy equally even on off center hits.

Mezz EC7 Series United Joint

Mezz  EC7-W6 Pool Cue Details
Tip: Moori III Medium Tip
Tip Diameter: 12.5 mm
Ferrule: X2 Ferrule
Shaft: 29" WD700 Shaft
Joint: Mezz United Joint
Rings: Double Silver Rings at Joint and  Stitch Rings above and below Wrap
Collar: Black high impact material collar
Forearm: Wenge Wood Forearm with Juma, White Turquoise and Turquoise Inlays
Wrap: Black Pressed Irish linen
Sleeve: Wenge Wood Butt Sleeve with Juma, White Turquoise and Turquoise Inlays
Plate: White composite material with Mezz custom logo
Bumper: Black rubber

Additional Info:
Removable weight bolts
Joint protectors included

Mezz EC7-W6 Exotic Wood Pool Cue butt and Joint

Mezz EC7-W6 Exotic Wood Pool Cue butt

Mezz EC7-W6 Exotic Wood Pool Cue forearm

Mezz Cue:
Mezz's unique treatment method, meticulous assembly, precision fit and superior craftsmanship all come together to create a cue of exceptional quality and playability.

In the words of Miki Co. Ltd., makers of the Mezz cue. “Mezz” in Japanese means “something that is loved, something that is treasured”. We stand behind those words. Let us explain why:
"Mezz cues are built to the highest standards using some of the finest materials from around the world. Our cues are made with a commitment to total quality control at each step of the way. No part of production is outsourced, and this is the very reason for the high standards you see in the final product. The best materials are carefully crafted using both traditional and modern methods. Designs are unique and unforgettable, ranging from the understated shapes to complex and intricate patterns. We offer a wide range of products, each with advanced technology and in a variety of options suited to every type of player. Mezz is known nowadays to be the finest in production cues."

About Miki
Miki Co., Ltd. is a family-owned company founded in 1960, making it one of the oldest cue makers in the world. Miki has more than 50 years of experience and achievement in cue making filled with continuous innovations. Based in Tomioka, Gunma in Japan, Miki uses the world's most advanced technology to create billiard equipment that makes the game easier and more fun for players.
Miki has been and will continue to commit itself in creating superior pool cues, carom cues, snooker cues and accessories to enhance your playability.

The following is an impressive list of some cues that Miki made in the past:
Pool cues : Adam, Helmstetter, Stambolini, Mali, Brunswick, Buffalo, etc.
Carom cues : Adam, Longoni, Buffalo, etc.
Snooker cues : Adam, Riley, Buffalo, etc. As well numerous signature series for some of the brands mentioned above.

We at Miki Co., Ltd are never too content with present levels of technology in the cue-making industry. Our unique product development strategy enables us to create products that enhance players' performance.  Miki has been committed to developing high quality, innovative and technological advanced products to satisfy player needs.

Don’t forget to look out for Mezz Cues!  We are always working on something new!!

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